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So this is it, the new FloStats website.

You may think “Why? What’s wrong with the old one?”, and in general I can give you a short answer: nothing.

More than 200 users are visiting FloStats on a daily basis, around 75% of them are returning visitors, so have visited at least once before.

The most visited sites are the character builder for Saint (5,39%), Noble (3,73%), Mercenary (3,33%) and Explorer (3,25%) and that’s – no surprise – the core feature of FloStats so far.

A big chunk of the users are visiting the database, which makes around 85% of all visits. The most visited item is the Magic Crystal (0,4%) followed by the Grade 3 Iron (0,2%). Most visited monsters are Serbetus (0,25%) and Little Baron (0,18%). These counts seem pretty small, but if you sum up all visited monsters and items etc. you will get to the 85%.

It has not been like this ever since: When Florensia shut down in August 2014 users had no reason to visit the site anymore and left. With the reopening in January 2015 everything went back to normal. And since July (not sure what triggered this peak) site requests are on an all time high of more than 200 users per day.

And here we are today.

The new website consists of three parts.

First, there is a WordPress site which you are seeing right now, which holds basic information about the game, recent official news and the latest Twitter posts. It’s a blog. I will mostly post about game updates and technical stuff, but you can, too. You can post your Character Guides right here on FloStats. Just make an account, submit your post and wait until it is reviewed and published. So you got everything in one place and can find the perfect guide to the build your just created with the Character Builder.

The second part is the database with all of Florensia’s monsters, NPCs, items and quests. I guess you know this part. I am working on a new version with more details and automatic updates and a few other features.

Which brings me to part three. The API. I guess you know, there will might be a Florensia API in the (far) feature. There were no news about this in the last year, but maybe, some time … Anyway I will be working on an API for the client side things of the game, like the database items, monsters and so on and I am planning to release this API to the public. I can’t give you a date yet, but working on that API will improve FloStats database, so it must be done anyway and I guess asap. When Florensia releases their API I will of course use it, but since we don’t know what they will cover I can’t give you features yet.

And that’s it for today. Most changes will be ‘under the hood’ and you should not see big changes. I am happy to change up a few things, it will be interesting to see how the new blog turns out.

So, feel free to contact me or just leave a comment with your feedback.


— Update:

Sorry for the downtime! I’ve run into some DNS problems and I was not able to finish a few things in time. Therefore the old website will be available here. I will link items, builds and stuff still to the old site until the new site is up and running smooth!

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